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5769649723_c7c2f52cce_b10701983_961714607179092_4745867646239461624_nUlihelisdi! Which means welcome in Cherokee, the tribe im from. I am from the clans of the bird and the wolf. The Cherokee people were, and still are one of the largest tribes today. They were one of the largest of five tribes that were settled in southeast portion of America. Today they are the largest tribe in the United States, consisting of over 315,000 registered tribal members.

Contrary to popular belief, the Cherokee actually use to live in log cabins. They were and are a strong and proud tribe. In 1828 gold was discovered on their land so the white man forced them to relocate, thus, the Trail of Tears was born. They were marched for 1000 miles at bayonet point to what the white people called, Indian territory.

The Cherokee name is said to mean fire. There are other names which they are called as well, I will list them translated in English: dog people, mountain people, creek people, coming out of the ground, and cave people.

What did and do the Cherokee people eat? Corn, squash, beans, deer, turkey, plants and roots, berries, potatoes, pumpkin, popcorn, fish soup, cornbread, wild onions, eggs, and crawdads. Cherokee are known for their beautiful baskets, clay pottery, and woven textiles, which are all still practiced today. The sacred colors of the Cherokee are red, blue, black, white, and sometimes yellow. Traditional instruments include: the water drum, river cane flute,trumpets, and ceremonial rattles.

I thought I would share a little of my background with you, the wonderful and proud Cherokee people. I am proud of my Cherokee heritage, and that my ancestors survived so much opposition, war, and the Trail of Tears. And they are still going strong today. ( sources:, and

2 thoughts on “Cherokee Tribe Blog Post

  1. I love to read the history of the Cherokee. We visit Cherokee, NC as often as we can and there is an outdoor arena where tribal dances are held. There is even a flame (under glass) that was carried from The Trail of Tears. So much beautiful history. Nice to meet you!


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